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Anonymous Video Analytics

Head count is a versatile method of gathering information via optical face recognition and detection application aimed at various commercial implementations by detecting, classifying or identifying faces. A High Definition camera with a real time software suit with various redundancies built in to be as accurate as possible.

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People Counting

The system determines hits and potentials by use of an advanced algorithm to determine which facial features are in view in every frame of an input stream. This is then classified as a hit or a potential and then tracked within the view of the camera, once the subject is no longer in view the report back is sent to the cloud service with the length of duration the subject was in view of the camera.

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Cloud Based

The cloud platform allows the end users of the system to securely sign in and view the trends of the current and past triggers by their on site systems. This platform is secure and easy to access from any location. Real time and historic data is available and exportable to csv as well as PDF reports can be scheduled and downloaded for a visual representation.

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