Interactive Kiosks by DC Media

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Interactive Touch 

Dynamic Content Triggers
Customer Metrics Recording
Mobile Integration

Self Service

Retail & Customer Interaction
Ticket Sales & Reward Programs
Employee Interaction

enterprise services

Transport Information & Sales
Hospitality and Healthcare Services
Service Payment Systems
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Choose your design and Total Solution

CPC offers access to any number of designs and dynamic Kiosk builds.

Any Design

indoor or outside

All Kiosks are specifically designed to suite the exact type of operating conditions and tasks. Including thermal printing, printed ticket issuing and mobile phone interaction.

Multiple Operating Systems Supported

With DC Media you are able to use the touch facility on Windows, Android and LG webOS 2.0 as well as infra-red triggers and anonymous video analytics for user metrics.

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Expert and Comprehensive

CPC Technicians will be happy to assist you in installing, calibrating and providing first line support and maintenance anywhere in Africa.

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with over 36 content formats and a built in MP4 CODEC - The choice is clear.