No Setup Costs

Getting started is easy, simply connect your player to our network and configure your subscription preferences.

Multiple OS Platforms

The DC Media hosted CMS service supports Windows, Android, Samsung SoC and LG webOS players.

Content Management

Easily and Securely connect a media player or screen on your network, content is then collected via HTTPS.

Manage from Anywhere

IP connectivity enables you to have access to the CMS with full control over your Digital Signage Network.

The best selling DC Media for Cloud CRM provides the flexibility for Hosted or Enterprise Solutions

Hosted Edition

The one of a kind Hosted Cloud Content Management System (CMS) enables you to create and manage content from anywhere on any device that supports a web browser. Content and playlists are deployed to media players and screens from our Secure Data-Center in British Columbia, Canada, or via your own self hosted cloud server on your privat IP Network.

Enterprise Edition

The DC Media Enterprise Appliance is a plug-and-play Content Management Server providing a Self Hosted Cloud Based Digital Signage Solution. Ideal for running over a private VPN and where no internet access is available or a security restriction.

Corporate Communications

Built in Content Authoring

The DC Media Sign Creator enables you to easily create rich dynamic media, integrate live data and capitalise on every pixel of your visual real estate. Combine images, text, shapes and data to create great looking content within minutes.
Text and image items can be linked to dynamic data sources including SQL, CSV, XML and DLL files developed using our extension API.

Scalable Network Management

The CMS is built to support any size network from 1 player to tens of thousands of players.

Multi-user Environment

Hardware independent

Industrial Signage


Licenses Sold


Digital Signage Potential

Join the thousands of clients
using DC Media in over 30 Countries.